What is WWOOF Independents?

It is an organisation run by FoWO (Federation of WWOOF Organisation) which lists hosts in countries with no national WWOOF group.


How to become a HOST?

Do you have a farm? Do you wish to host people from all over the world? Well, first of all becoming a host with WWOOF Independents is free! Once you are on the http://www.wwoofindependents.org/home/ home page you must first click on the “BECOME A HOST

1. Submit your application …. First 3 steps

2. Choose the main photo for your farm ….COVER

3. Start creating your profile…2


4. Describe your farm… 4

5. Add more information…2

6. Contact details…7

7. Location and account details….8

How does it work?

Hello, well depending on where you wish to go WWOOFing you will either have to join a national WWOOF organisation (have a look at www.wwoof.net for a complete list) or, if you wish to go to a country where a national WWOOF organisation is not yet in place you might find hosts on the Independents site www.wwoofindependents.org . You can preview the HOST LIST on this site to see in which countries you might find a host.

Once you decide to join a particular organisation (either national or the so called Independents list) you can then access the contact information of all hosts in a given list. You will then be able to contact each host individually and find out if they are willing or able to host you for the period you wish to visit.

There is also loads more information on each website (depending where you wish to go) on our FAQ and on the main WWOOF website www.wwoof.net .